New 9V 1A Zoom 606 607 707II 708II B2 1U AD-16 AC DC Adapter,FINECOM PY-398 AC ADAPTER 5V D | IBM AC ADAPTER-30 84G2128 THIN
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New 9V 1A Zoom 606 607 707II 708II B2 1U AD-16 AC DC Adapter

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New 9V 1A Zoom 606 607 707II 708II B2 1U AD-16 AC DC AdapterItem SpecificationInput: AC 100-240V, 50-60HzOutput: DC 9V 1ATip length: 10mmNote: Please make sure the DC output and tip size of ac adapter are accordant before you bid.Condition: Brand New * Note: Please make sure the specs of your adapter are a match to ours. Please double check the barrel width, and length before purchase.Compatible ModelsZoom 606 607 707II 708II B2 1U AD-16

item: New 9V 1A Zoom 606 607 707II 708II B2 1U AD-16 AC DC Adapter,FINECOM PY-398 AC ADAPTER 5V D | IBM AC ADAPTER-30 84G2128 THIN 5 14 votes
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New 9V 1A Zoom 606 607 707II 708II B2 1U AD-16 AC DC Adapter,FINECOM PY-398 AC ADAPTER 5V D | IBM AC ADAPTER-30 84G2128 THIN

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