New Delta EPS-2 ADP-15AR 5V 3A Switching AC Adapter FOR HUMAX DT0530UIC81A Power,Jentec JTA0512 AC ADAPTER 12VD - APS APS57ER-110 AC ADAPTER 5Vd
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New Delta EPS-2 ADP-15AR 5V 3A Switching AC Adapter FOR HUMAX DT0530UIC81A Power

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New Delta EPS-2 ADP-15AR 5V 3A Switching AC Adapter FOR HUMAX DT0530UIC81A Power SupplyProduct DescriptionBrand:Delta Model No. ADP-15AR ABP/N: INPUT: 120V  60Hz 1.2AOUTPUT:  5V 3A   Package includes:1 X Delta EPS-2 ADP-15AR 5V 3A Switching AC Adapter1 X POWER CORD(Fit for your country)  Condition: 100% brand NewWarranty: Full 18 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackFast shipping!Free Power Cord Fit your country!  

item: New Delta EPS-2 ADP-15AR 5V 3A Switching AC Adapter FOR HUMAX DT0530UIC81A Power,Jentec JTA0512 AC ADAPTER 12VD - APS APS57ER-110 AC ADAPTER 5Vd 4.4 12 votes
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New Delta EPS-2 ADP-15AR 5V 3A Switching AC Adapter FOR HUMAX DT0530UIC81A Power,Jentec JTA0512 AC ADAPTER 12VD - APS APS57ER-110 AC ADAPTER 5Vd

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Jentec JTA0512 AC ADAPTER 12VD

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