19.5V 6.15A HP ENVY 15-q004tx HSTNN-CA25 Notebook AC Adapter,LG TA-22GT2 AC ADAPTER 12V 500 , IKEA KUA1200200L AC ADAPTER 11

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19.5V 6.15A HP ENVY 15-q004tx HSTNN-CA25 Notebook AC Adapter

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19.5V 6.15A HP ENVY 15-q004tx HSTNN-CA25 Notebook AC Adapter19.5V 6.15A HP ENVY 15-q004tx HSTNN-CA25 Notebook AC AdapterItem Specification100% Original Genuine OEM HP 120W AC Power Adapter.it is new style.INPUT: 100-240V  50-60Hz (for worldwide use)OUTPUT: 19.5V 6.15A 120WConnecter size: 4.5 mm×3.0 mm, with pin inside  (ref to the picture).Outlet: 3-prongCord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plugWarranty:12 monthsStatus: Brand new original & genuineOne Power cord is included with this adapter for Free(fit your country )Replace Part Number:710415-001,709984-001,HSTNN-LA25,PA-1121-62HE,709984-002,709984-003,HSTNN-DA25,HSTNN-CA25 Compatible Models:HP ENVY 15-q004tx Notebook

item: 19.5V 6.15A HP ENVY 15-q004tx HSTNN-CA25 Notebook AC Adapter,LG TA-22GT2 AC ADAPTER 12V 500 , IKEA KUA1200200L AC ADAPTER 11 4.1 44 votes

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19.5V 6.15A HP ENVY 15-q004tx HSTNN-CA25 Notebook AC Adapter,LG TA-22GT2 AC ADAPTER 12V 500 , IKEA KUA1200200L AC ADAPTER 11

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