NEW CPU FAN for MSI CX600 CX420 fan see picture,SLK-0705 AC DC ADAPTER 4.5V 30 - Sony AC-ET305K 3V DC AC Adapte
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NEW CPU FAN for MSI CX600 CX420 fan see picture

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NEW CPU FAN for MSI CX600 CX420 fan see picture NEW CPU FAN for MSI CX600 CX420 fan see picture,Description:Compatible models :GB0506PDVX-A 13.V1.B4071.F.GN DC 5V seriesCondition:100% new hing qualityplease note ,picture is the actual fan,please refer the picture to buy,thanksWarranty:90days

item: NEW CPU FAN for MSI CX600 CX420 fan see picture,SLK-0705 AC DC ADAPTER 4.5V 30 - Sony AC-ET305K 3V DC AC Adapte 4.7 39 votes
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NEW CPU FAN for MSI CX600 CX420 fan see picture,SLK-0705 AC DC ADAPTER 4.5V 30 - Sony AC-ET305K 3V DC AC Adapte

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SLK-0705 AC DC ADAPTER 4.5V 30

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